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appear.in for Android

Version: 2.0.1 | Size: 0.85 MB
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Appear.In is the new way to call and follow up on social events. This App has been designed for ease of use. Once you download the App in your Android gadget, you can connect and engage people in your conversations without them having to download any other application or register for an account.

Appear.in is like a virtual Skype. The conversation pages in the App are called rooms and one can join a room from a mobile device, Android or iOS, or from a computer (Linux, Windows, or Mac).  You can join an Appear.In room (video chat) directly in your phone's browser if you have Opera, Firefox or Chrome for Android.

Appear.In can be downloaded directly from the Play Store. Since it is a Progressive Web App, you can use this application directly from the website. The downloadable version is light and will not take up much space in your mobile gadget. Moreover, you can easily and quickly set up a room in Appear.In anonymously and dispose it whenever you feel like it.

This social app offers quality video calling even on poor performing 4G or Wi-Fi networks. This makes it perfect for people who don’t like Skype and those who love no frills calling. To make a room your permanent home, all you’re required to do is to get a special code or give out a phone number or email address. When you claim your space you can customize it to fit your preferences.

You can lock your personal room in Appear.In so that no one can drop in unannounced. You can further customize the background for the room and the name so that your friends or family can easily locate the room and request access. Customizing the name of the room also automatically customizes the URL.

A prominent feature in Appear.In is that it is secure and anonymous. Even from your Android device, you can share in your project with members of the room and they can also share screens of their current project or desktop, although this will require that they download an extension.

Appear.In is also useful for messaging. In fact, sending messages with this App is more secure than with most other apps since the app does not store messages on its servers. All your communications will be encrypted, eliminating the risk of any of your videos or messages getting to an unintended audience.

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appear.in for Android 2.0.1 Apr 27, 2018 - Fixed bug in Android 6 where you got stuck when entering a room
- App now launches on the home page where you can create and enter rooms without having to log in
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