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f.lux for Android freeware

f.lux for Android

Version: 22.0 | Size: 3.70 MB
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F.lux is an application that allows color adjustments in mobile devices and computer and has now become popular as it allow to reduces the emission of blue lights for better usage during night time.

But then there are some hurdles to be crossed first. The application is not similar to other Google Play apps. After downloading the application, for installation you need to root your phone so that it can use its functionality for its advantage.

F.lux needs this rooting of device as it makes alterations at system levels of the color temperatures to enhance the accuracy.

There are different application in market that claim to have same effect but only change with use of color overlays, still for user that new won’t be able to distinguish. So it might be hard for the developer to increase their audience in Android market.

Also the app doesn’t run on all devices, many of Samsung phone doesn’t work. Many phones with Lollipop or Marshmallow operating systems (5.x or 6.x) do not work with this application if the devices is not rooted. Company now understanding this has started requesting its users to comment and inform them as to what all is working and what are not.

Advantages of the applications are like- it changes colors only for ones that are required to filter for blue and do not change the contrast of the device. It also allows filter disabling temporarily. It also has automatic system that works based on sunset/sunrise of one’s location which can also be changed manually if required.

It would have been better if it could set the time directly at which the filter could on and off itself.

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What do you think about f.lux for Android?
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f.lux for Android 22.0 Apr 4, 2017 Fixes a black screen bug.
Adds a time-picker for wake time.
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