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Kodi for Android freeware

Kodi for Android

Version: 19.1 | Size: 72.30 MB | Filename: kodi-19.1-Matrix-armeabi-v7a.apk
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Kodi for Android is an award-winning streaming tool you can use to play videos, audio and digital media files across a variety of platforms. It is free and 100% open source. It is available to use on multiple operating systems and hardware platforms. The app does not provide content but you can easily get your own content from the internet.

It is easy to install Kodi for Android. The app is available on Google Play Store. Google Play selects the version of Kodi that you need. Unless you change settings it will automatically update it as well. The first time you download Kodi it will take longer but after that it is fast to open. You can find and download add-ons like Reddit and YouTube and other international catalogues and medial sharing websites. Your Android apps may be automatically linked with Kodi in the Add-ons menu. This is the convenience that Kodi offers its users but also caused it to crash more than once.

Another installation method is from Google Home Application (previously Google Cast Application).  This method also enables you to switch to TV screening. Kodi does not support Chromecast directly but you can cast phone screen to TV or use LocalCast to connect. The .xml file gives you options to choose streaming options. Otherwise download Kodi for PC and connect the laptop to your TV via HDMI to stream. With this app you get live TV channels from all major networks and variety of cable channels, enjoy and manage your music, videos and photo libraries.  Install the quick on updates SuperRepo in order to get add-ons like USTVNow and Dropbox which you can use as a backup for your movies and music.

Kodi uses identical 10-foot user interface design with larger text and elements than a desktop in all its versions. You can enjoy bigger pictures and read bigger subtitles. Because it is an open source application, most add-ons are not officially licensed. To be safe take careful precautions when downloading them.

Kore™ is an official Kodi remote control for Android. It enables you to manage playlists shared from YouTube app. Its control pad is scalable on smaller devices and text is improved with markup codes. Like many Kodi add-ons the remote control feature is an open source software and free. It is also endorsed by Kodi which means you don’t have to worry about it being illegal.

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Last versions of Kodi for Android
Version Change log
Kodi for Android 19.1 May 9, 2021 Video:
Fixed: HDR metadata is now detected in VP9 profile 2 streams and can be used on platforms that support HDR passthrough or tone mapped when playing this kind of videos.
Fixed: playback of optical DVDs in Linux
Fixed: BD-J Blu-ray chapter skipping via remotes/keyboard
Fixed: context menu not accessible in PVR Guide window when using very basic remote to control Kodi
Fixed: client channel name and number not persisted when changed
Fixed: play count and resume position of recordings lost after Kodi restart
Fixed: crash while browsing the EPG when MySQL is used as EPG database
Fixed: next recording on ... label time is not localized in Estuary Timer/Timer rules window
Fixed: channel manager does not rename backend channel
Fixed: playing archived programme not selected when opening the Guide window
Fixed: GUI not updated on removal/insert/hide/unhide of channel groups
Updated: improved look of PVR windows in Estuary
Kodi for Android 19.0 Feb 19, 2021
Kodi for Android 18.6 Mar 2, 2020 Finally implemented binary repository for Android, OSX and Windows
Further improve controller handling
Fix playback of files in playlists that have mixed content of audio and video
Fix possible crash on exit
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