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Plex for Android freeware

Plex for Android

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Plex for Android is an android compatible app that has been developed as a companion to Plex media software designed for windows, Linux, Mac operating systems.

Plex enables efficient organization and management of media content from a single interface.

Plex for Android allows the Android device to act using Wi-Fi as a completely interactive remote control. It directly streams the content from the media server to device screen so as to provide a less restricted access to your media files from anywhere.


Once the Plex software is downloaded and installed on the main server device, the android device is connected to the wireless network of the server; plex app for Android installed on the device from the Google Play store automatically detects the server and connects thereby creating a smooth media interaction platform that enables the device to remotely play and manage the media.


Plex for Android has a simple, slick and user friendly interface that displays attractive thumbnails. It's well designed for smartphones as well as tablets, and it allows the media browsing in either portrait or landscape orientations.

The screen is divided into three sections. The top part of the screen displays My Library that contains movies, music, videos, etc. and folders created in the server Plex media centre.

The middle section features Channels that include web-based media content which firstly needs to be configured and arranged using the main server Plex media-centre software.

The bottom section provides a reference of most recently used files for an easy one-tap access.

It is also packed with a remote control feature that enables to control the Plex media centre on a computer or TV screen.


The app acts flawlessly in co-ordination with the main media server. There are two versions of Plex subscription, one is totally free and the other is the premium pass subscription priced at almost $5 per month. The android app acts with both versions immaculately and offers all the services rendered under the respective subscriptions. The pass subscription is to be bought at any of the Plex platforms i.e. either at the device platform or at the server media centre. It runs valid for all the devices connected to a single Plex pass subscription. There is no need to buy a separate subscription for separate devices under the same Plex network.

Full functioning version of Plex can also be acquired by making a small in-app purchase on the android device Plexapp.


Playing media with Plex app on the android device from the server media center has some limitations unless the app is fully unlocked.

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Last versions of Plex for Android
Version Change log
Plex for Android Jul 12, 2021 Downloads: only show 'initializing downloads' subtitle during actual view state sync.
[TV] Start initial focus on first hub item with new sidebar.
App could crash trying to populate home screen
Player: ensure software audio decoder doesn't exceed the channels supported by the device.
TV: darken default application background
Player: crash could occur while closing playback with refresh rate switching enabled.
Plex for Android May 11, 2021 [TV] Player: introduce additional subtitle colors.
[TV] Navigation: background colors change to match the highlighted item.
[TV] Player: support for audio voice commands on Amazon devices.
DVR: it wasn't possible to record after having switched the target library.
Podcasts: fix 'OPML import' feature.
The ability to delete a playlist was missing in some places.
Plex for Android Apr 19, 2021 Introduce local cache for Home/Libraries to improve performance.
[Mobile] Improve sign in screen on tablet devices.
[TV] Fire TV: support login with Amazon when creating a new account.
[TV] Live TV: improved scrolling within TV guide.
Home: hubs from different servers would sometimes display the same data.
Continue watching hub in "Movies & TV" source would only contain 10 items.
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