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Simplenote for Android freeware

Simplenote for Android

Version: 2.11.1 | Size: 5.20 MB
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Simplenote for Android ensures you to experience better organization and efficiency. Now you no more have to forget the great inspirations because you couldn’t find a pen and paper. Carry your grocery list in your pocket all day, every day since the right app for this job is here for all android devices.

Simplenote for Android is a simple note-taking app and site that prioritizes important work over superfluous features.

In case you are already a user of Simplenote, all you have to do is log in to view your notes. But if you have not registered already, you can even register yourself for the app. Simplenote aims to provide you with easy, fast notes along with the facility to sync them across various devices. It's the best way to exchange notes in any get-together or any place using your Android phone. You can gather your notes and even find them by using keyword, organize them by use of tags, and much more.

Simpleonte for Android is not the only app out there, there are also Google Keep, Evernote, Flick Note, Evernote, etc. However, Simplenote is definitely the best among all.

It's official Android release made a craze in the Andriod community and it didn't disappoint. Comparing to Evernote, it feels faster and easier to use. This was badly needed for all of us who use a wide variety of devices and find Flick Note's seizure-inducing ads offensive.

It's also nice that the new app works without even registering a Simplenote account for those who want to enter locally.

Simplenote for Android is perfect for writing down and storing quick notes and thoughts containing a lot of random information and other miscellaneous records in Evernote. However, if Simplenote adds simple folder options it could possibly completely replace Evernote. Simplenote has the potential to be the best and the simplest note taking app, not for advanced notebooks like OneNote, but for your daily task, shopping lists, quick drafts, etc.

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Version Change log
Simplenote for Android 2.11.1 Oct 12, 2020 Fixed switching between apps causing data loss
Simplenote for Android 2.7 Jul 1, 2020
Simplenote for Android 2.2 Nov 5, 2019 We’ve been tuning things up under the hood. You may not see anything obviously different in the app, but expect everything to be more stable.
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