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Slack for Android

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When you have a Project Management App for your Android Phone, connecting with your team, announcing deadlines, communicating updates and other relevant information's becomes an easy task. In our Modern times, business are not anymore conducted inside offices, deals are finalized inside cafes and bars, employees are interviewed on phones and computers rather than face to face interaction. As the world is increasingly computerized, the demand for smart apps that can take care of the manual work is becoming more and more popular.

Slack is undoubtedly an advantageous application over all other competitors. It had started a revolution in itself by announcing latest features. It ranks high in innovation and new technologies. With the help of this application, one can learn the tricks and methods to track all the activities of one or more than one project at the same place. It has been experienced that management of a project is a time consuming task and often involves stress and discomfort. When a professional is working on multiple projects at the same time, it can be overwhelming and distressing for the individual.. With the help of Project Management Apps, one can easily list together all the deadlines, reminders, updates, teamwork, and meetings without being overwhelmed or stressed.

Slack allows you to keep a track on all the ongoing projects and leads without over burdening any of them with unnecessary emails and meeting reminders. It is the best way to make information and important announcements easily reachable to prospective clients and the team. It is constantly updating important new features and updates on important files and documents to keep the Team updated. It allows one to share data quickly and receive feedback immediately when deadlines are coming closer. It can send you reminders, regular updates and pin important information for everyone. Getting quick approvals for documents and files comes handy with Project Management at the Slack

Slack for Android is a blessing for Project Managers as it simplifies their work schedules and brings together all the people working on a project for sharing information, meeting deadlines, and announcing work. The most popular apps for Project Management by Slack for Androids are - Wrike, Zoho Projects, Asana, Trello, Podio  and Smartsheet. They are incredibly fantastic when it comes to user friendly and ease of interface. They have unique features, which can be personalized depending upon the personal businesses and project needs. The communications and meetings become quick and smooth, without any hassle or worry. It has a very clever interface, which is also distraction free, and no pop-up ads would ever come into your way while you are in the middle of an important meeting or a conference call. It could easily be called a virtual assistant that you do not need to pay a salary and works as efficiently as or even better than a real human being.

The Team can be easily managed and communications within become more transparent, quick, smooth and effective. One can also receive quick feedback on important discussions and changes with the help of these apps which could have otherwise taken from days to months. As our global world is getting more and more computerized, the work has transformed tremendously. You could work from anywhere and keep in touch with all your team members with one click. Technology makes it readily easy and quick to carry on communications from all corners of the world together at one place.

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Slack for Android Nov 20, 2019 Bug Fixes
• Fixed: Sending the /rename command to rename a channel without any other text no longer causes a crash. The /crash command, meanwhile, is still not working at all, so if you were using /rename to get that effect, apologies for the inconvenience to your workflow.
Slack for Android Oct 23, 2019 Bug Fixes
• Fixed: The “Aubergine Classic” theme was using the color scheme for the new, (perhaps future-classic) Aubergine theme. We have reverted to classic-classic.
• Fixed: Sometimes, when we tried to show a long message in a dialog window, it would show a blank window instead, which is basically the opposite. Sometimes things are said best when one says nothing at all. This, however, was not one of those times. So we fixed it.
Slack for Android Apr 24, 2019 Support for Google Smart Lock has been added, so if you’ve enabled Google Smart Lock on your device, you can now log into Slack with one single glorious tap.
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