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Spiceworks for Android have now made it possible to monitor your network on the go. You can download the App from Google Play onto your Android device which gives you the core functionalities of the Spiceworks Desktop version.

There are three things you need to do, the first being that it must already be installed on your desktop for it to function. You need the latest version of Spiceworks and if you are not sure which version you have then you can download the newest version from the web or Google Play. Once you have done that you are able to browse your Spiceworks networks through a VPN network or externally.

In order for you to connect using your mobile device, you are going to need to fill in some information. to connect to your Spiceworks installation. You need a profile name so that you can be recognised whenever you log in. With the Spiceware tool you can connect to different installations and this is the easy way to distinguish the device that you have used to log in

You will need to enter the full domain name of the server that is running the Spiceworks network and it will also ask if you would like to connect using SSL or not.

Lastly, you will need to identify the port that you are using by right-clicking the systray icon and selecting the settings options. After that, you enter the username which is the e-mail address that you have registered on the network and then a password. Then you are set to monitor the network on the go.

The Android app gives you five options that you can monitor which is tickets, inventory, people, community, and settings.

With the ticket option, you are able to close tickets, comment and edit them. The inventory function will show the general info, tickets related to a particular device, what has happened recently, the disk space that is being used by that device and if there are any alerts.

The people function shows all the people that are on your Spiceworks network and if you need to email, phone or text you can do right from the mobile app. The community allows you to respond to any conversations that are being had and the interface is very mobile friendly. The settings will show all the necessary information that you need to log in with such as your email and if you need to log out you do it on the settings screen.

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