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VPNBook for Android

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Due to its support for PPTP, VPN can be used with all the operating systems. It can be used with an android to gain an encrypted connection. This connection covers or hides the original IP address of the device. It is very simple to set up in cell phones. The user has to go to settings and select wireless and networks. There is a tab labeled VPN. Just click the tab and enter the set up. First it would ask you to add VPN. Clicking this tab will take the user to the next menu. Here, a user can edit his profile including his name, network type, and server. Thus, a new VPN will be added and it will change the IP address of the cell phone.

It extends the network of the cell phone and makes transfer of data quite easy. The speed is almost greater than all the paid networks and also there is a lot of security in the data sent. Across the internet, it is quite similar to wide area network. It has many advantages for individual as well as organizational use. The employees of an Organization can approach the company’s intranet while being far away.

VPN is also very handy tool to connect the offices of a company camped at different stations. It builds a very secure connection and there is no danger of data hacking. It is also used to connect the internet with proxy servers to conceal the identity of a mobile user. There are many VPN services available for android users. All these are absolutely free but are not as secure as are considered. However, if a person uses it without downloading the app, it is secure to some extent.

Smartphone technology is growing very quickly and VPN is more secure to use because of latest crypto technology being used in the mobile manufacturing. There are PPTP services in almost all the android devices and VPN offers free services for this PPTP. That is why; it is compatible with all the android devices across the world. In future, its speed and accuracy will increase as new servers are being installed in various parts of the world. Initially, it had two servers but later in 2013 two more servers are added. In terms of speed, it is very useful for mobile users as all the modern smartphones are equipped with latest technology for connectivity.

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